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Start of the year checklist for Business Owners!

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s the perfect time to sit and reflect upon your business finances. Did you struggle or exceed your expectation? What was successful and brought in lots of profit? What didn’t go as well and requires further thought?   Whether you’ve struggled or exceeded your expectations, it’s time to […]

Tax: what you need to know as a working self-employed actor

Life as an actor can be very hectic – rushing to auditions, rehearsals and performances, so 9 times out of 10 the mundane things, such as accounts are put to one side for a rainy day and get overlooked or even forgotten! But each year like all self-employed people, a tax return has to be […]

31st January is nearly upon us! Tax return completed and filed?

No? Don’t panic! Here’s your easy guide to meet That Deadline! The deadline for completing 2016/17 tax returns is now 8 DAYS away and probably approaching far too fast for the over 11 million people who need to file Self-Assessment tax returns each year. I bet many of you didn’t realise that if any return filed […]


8 Reasons to file your Tax Return early

You’ve probably received a letter from the HMRC requesting for you to complete your 2016-2017 Tax Return. As an indecisive population, many of us will not deal with our self-assessment tax return early – whether they’re personal or whether we’re getting the information to our accountants we will leave it until close to the filing […]