Accountancy service for the entertainment industry

Aren’t numbers boring? Or, at least, they probably are to you if you work in the dynamic, exciting entertainment industry.

Us? We love numbers. No, really – we devour them and have spent many years providing outsourced accounts services for professionals across a range of creative industries.

Outsourced accountancy for the entertainment industry

The Broadwing Accountancy team can provide a comprehensive range of accounts services that are perfect for talent managers, actors, writers, musicians and those who work behind the scenes.

Our services include:

  • Full financial account management
  • Tax advice
  • Expense management and advice
  • Payroll
  • VAT
  • Management reports
  • Invoicing and collection of income
  • Personal financial management support

Anyone who works in the entertainment sector will know how little time there is for the more mundane elements that come with running a business or freelance operation.

Take expenses, for example. In this industry, it’s not always obvious what qualifies as a legitimate expense, but we’ve spent long enough working with creatives, talent managers and the talent themselves to know what you can and can’t claim for.

We can also provide full service financial account management by taking the invoicing and income collection off your hands. We know how easy it is in the entertainment industry to forget the all-important task of getting paid for your work!

A confidential accounts service

If you work in the entertainment industry, there may be a considerable amount of confidentiality required when it comes to your income.

This isn’t unusual, and is standard practice for actors, musicians and talent who need their financial affairs to remain respectfully theirs.

There’s a huge PR benefit to using an accountant who knows how to legally and efficiently steer you through the tax maze without inadvertently (or purposefully) causing you tax issues. We work closely with HMRC to ensure all of our clients file ethical accounts on time and for the benefit of both their financial wellbeing and that of the country.

Not a business person? No problem!

We can’t sing (and we’re pretty terrible actors), but we are very good with numbers. And, if you work in the entertainment industry it might be the opposite way around for you.

We’ve established a great reputation with people within your industry for that very reason. Our team can take the numbers off your hands while you get on with your creative endeavours. It offers ultimate peace of mind that the financial side of your business is running as it should.

Want to know more?

We’d love to help you get your accounts in order and keep them that way. Find out why so many entertainment industry professionals turn to Broadwing Accountancy by contacting our friendly team today!