What are the benefits of working with an Accountant specialising in Tech Start-ups?

By Brian Munjanja

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Technology startups are taking over the world, and here at Broadwing Accountancy we believe this can only be a good thing!

In the UK and across the globe, the innovation coming out of tech startups is astonishing, and it will only continue to grow. At Broadwing Accountancy, we have been working with Tech Start-ups, SME’s and entrepreneurs for several years now, and in that time, we have been overwhelmed by the quality of operations from some of the sharpest, innovative thinkers the UK has ever seen.

So, we believe working with an accountant that specialises in Tech Start-ups is a must! But why?


  • Complicated and time-consuming accounting work is taken out of your hands – If you’re the CEO, CFO, COO or hold another position with your start-up, we’ll take this complicated work out of your hands allowing you the time to concentrate and focus on what you do best; this is our field of expertise. We use revolutionary accounting techniques to ensure your start-up is financially ‘on-point’, up-to-date financial data and information is available 24/7 and we’re only a phone call away if you need any assistance.


  • Scalable operations by outsourcing some or all of your accounting functions we can provide you with a scalable solution to your finance function that will allow you to concentrate on growth and product market fit without resource worry.


  • Maximising your profitability can be performed in a number of ways. As tech start-up specialists, we’ll find if you’re eligible to receive any tax reliefs from the start. This is great way of achieving an early win that can help save you money long-term. For example, Research and Development (R&D) tax relief, Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS & SEIS). These are available to all UK start-ups that are raising or spending money on innovative research in certain industries (predominantly in science and technology, although there are many overlaps).


  • Our expertise! – Broadwing Accountancy has decades of expertise, so we know exactly what pitfalls you may come up against, even if you don’t know them yet! Working in ‘partnership’ with an experienced accountancy firm such as Broadwing Accountancy, we take the guesswork out of your startup’s future.



What are you waiting for? If you’re a Tech Start-up and require some expert advice or further information on how we can help you, why not give Brian Munjanjaa call on 01604 328328atBroadwing Accountancy? Alternatively, email Brian on info@broadwingaccountancy.co.uk.

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